2017 Presentation regarding the link between periodontal disease, diabetes and cardio vascular diseases.

Presentation by Dr. Michaela von Geijer DDS, Specialist Odontology.

The scientific publications concerning links between periodontitis and systemic diseases is comprehensive. The research is moving very fast. Associations are presented between several systemic diseases and periodontal diseases; some associations are stronger than others.
How do these findings impact our clinical work in daily practice?

An update of the latest research between periodontitis and diabetes, atherosclerotic vascular diseases, cancer, preterm birth, lung diseases and rheumatoid arthritis was presented. The effect of periodontitis on our body and the possible effect of systemic diseases on periodontitis was also discussed.

The focus was on the clinical application of the latest knowledge. How can oral health be improved? Which tools to use, and the science behind it.