TrollByte Kimera GC Kit
TrollByte Kimera GC Kit

TrollByte Kimera GC Kit

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TrollByte Kimera GC sensor holder is made from renewable resources. It has a stiff arm and a softer, flexible claw.

The stable arm makes it easy to position the sensor exactly. The softer and flexible claw makes it possible to fine-tune the fit to reduce the risk of tearing the sensor cover.

The holder, ring and bit block are autoclavable, maximum temperature 134 ° C.

We provide a two-year warranty on TrollByte Kimera GC.


  • 1 TrollByte Kimera GC Blue for anterior PA and vertical bitewing
  • 1 TrollByte Kimera GC Yellow for posterior PA
  • 1 TrollByte Kimera GC Red for horizontal bitewing
  • 1 bite block for anterior PA
  • 1 aiming ring

Am important step towards a sustainable production.

The first product in TrollDental's project with the aim of reducing the company's environmental footprint is TrollByte Kimera GC. The product's function corresponds to the TrollByte Kimera, but the major difference is that TrollByte Kimera GC is based on renewable raw material, which gives 40% less environmental impact.


We chose to cooperate with RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB because they possess both the knowledge and the resources required for our project to succeed. Västra Götaland region, R&D card, has participated as co-financier in the project.

Double success.

After about two years of research, material tests, functional verifications and field tests, the project's first products could be launched at Swedental in November 2017.

The project also succeeded with our second goal; that the product is not more expensive for the end customer. It is not a cost matter to choose the environmentally smart product.