TrollByte Rayzor for DEXIS* sensors

TrollByte Rayzor - Edison Awards 2017

TrollByte Rayzor –
it fits like a glove


The new Rayzor sensor holder is exclusively made to fit Dexis sensors. The unique design lets you take all your bitewings and periapicals without removing the holder from the sensor. The patented design can be used with an arm or a tab.

Versatile, to say the least.

The thin holder is always in a fixed position on the sensor. You simply move the aiming device when you change image position. The arm and tab is disposable, or an autoclavable arm – TrollByte Rayzor Black.

It will simplify your x-ray procedures.

The thin plate of the Rayzor has five positions for an arm or a tab. The positions are fixed, and you will always use the full area of the sensor. No slipping sensor, it stays in place even if the patient bites down.

It fits like a glove.


TrollByte Rayzor Manual

TrollByte Rayzor Manual


* Dexis is a trademark of Dexis, LLC of Hatfield, PA

You can use a tab, or an arm wiith a color coded aiming ring – only one for all images.

The TrollByte Rayzor goes inside the bag, the disposable arm or tab is attached on the outside. The TrollBag Rayzor 510 sensor cover is extremely soft and durable.

TrollByte Rayzor Tab


TrollByte Rayzor Arm


Rayzor Black – Autoclavable