Put your money where your mouth is

TrollDental ChallengeTrollDental strives to create products that are a bit different than all the rest. That is our hallmark. Products that provide consistency, accuracy or simplify procedures. Combine that with a high level of quality, and voilà: You have a Troll product.

To accomplish this, we co-operate with professionals within your area of expertise.
We are experts in manufacturing and refining products, but only you can tell us where the bottle necks are in your daily work, things that annoy you, and you feel that there has to be a smarter way...

Maybe you just have a rough idea in the back of your head, or an almost finished product with drawings and all. It might be something that you use today, that you made yourself to make your work easier. You just haven´t had the time to... well, get someone to manufacture it for you.

You are the one we want to talk to. To bring an idea to life, to work together to reach that goal is not an easy task, but it is extremely rewarding. For you and for us. You think outside the box, hopefully we will put that idea inside a box and on the market.

  • We work mainly with products that are consumables.
  • Our products are not complicated, for us less really is more.
  • If you look at our products you will understand what we seek.

You can enter TrollDental Challenge in all countries where TrollDental Products
are represented.

If you have an idea that we consider suitable for us,
you will be invited to the Head Office in Sweden for further discussions.

Send your idea to:

Mr. Jan Westerlund
Owner and Head of Research and Development

Submit your entries for TrollDental Challenge 2018
prior to October 31, 2018.